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Multilab studio, unlimited range of possibilities on many levels. In this space we can meet the work of students with digital media that are on the edge of technological inventions  as well as production and commercial projects in the context of cooperation with external companies. In all aspects, we pay attention to the basic principle of artistic creation,      the idea of ​​the author, the need to educate, to find the art instead of life, and to try to provoke the provocative form of the audience to the free thinking that is aggressively confronted in the present world.


Experimental videomapping inspired by Baroque, Braun´s sculptures, atmosphere and our creativity.
Location: Valeč Castle


Do your best, make different. Our self promotion shortcut of best works what we did.

Braun na Valči
light design

Nová expozice lapidária barokních soch M. B. Brauna na zámku Valeč. Vizuální koncept a realizace made by Multilab


Pátý ročník festivalu světla Blik Blik 2019 se vrací do centra města Plzeň. Mezi 13 ohromujicích instalací od umělců z česka, německa, británie, francie, maďarska a indie, Vám také ukáže instalaci/mapping vytvořenomu MULTILAB studiem. Původní velkoplošná animace využívá estetiky starých videopásek a PC her z let, kdy létaly první rakety k Měsíci, naši tátové hráli Space Invaders na Nortonu a David Bowie spadl na Zemi.

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A head of the multimedia studio since 2012, a founder of Multilab and a freelance multimedia artist. Jan specializes in sculpting, light design, site specific and scenography. Aside from being an art director for the main events at the University of West Bohemia, he is also the guarantor of the EU programs for digitizing monuments in the West Bohemia Region. He is the one who accomplishes the unbelievable.


MgA. Jan Morávek
Multilab head

As pedagogue I help students from FDULS to also explore the world of art, i give them advices how to work with technology and together we are trying to find out their own good ideas and point of view about the world around them. As an every active person, i am finding out new ways and answers to my questions.

MgA. Lukáš Kellner
technical head